Field Cultivator Parts And Accessories

The field cultivator is a tillage machine used for ripping, breaking and smoothening soil preparing it for planting. All these efforts are a collection of unique parts in the equipment that ensure the machine functions normally.

field cultivator

The major field cultivator parts are the sweeps, shields, shanks, cultivators and shovels just to name a few. The cultivators are the ones containing the blades used to dig through the soil to break it and make it smoother. The blades come in different inches to perform different kinds of depth tilling according to the soil type. There are blades that perform top layer digging while there are those that dig deeper into the soil to break the hard soil. The blades take the top spot in ranking of the vital field cultivator parts.

But the shanks won’t function best if we don’t have the beams and leaf springs in place. These two field cultivator parts are the prime controllers of the shanks; the beams help in adjusting the shank position to the required settings while the leaf springs help in the overall shaft movement. The leaf springs are one of the heavy duty field cultivator parts; they are built this way so they can hold the shanks steadily specially when tilling through hard rocky fields.

Next in tow are the sweeps; another of the field cultivator parts that come to play when a good functioning cultivator is mentioned. They are made of the hardest of steel, heat treated for prime toughness and high performance. The sweeps work close with the shanks by performing the deep digging while the shanks turn the soil above. The sweeps are field cultivator parts that should come to mind when you are trying to get rid of those deep rooted weeds or the ones growing on hard ground. Their durability is also commendable.

As we mention the field cultivator parts, we can’t forget the shovels. The shovels also work close with the sweeps and shanks to get rid of the weeds, soften soil and make the best seed beds ever. They come in variety like the shanks and sweeps categorized in size and models and types. The shovels help in performing shallow or primary tillage or there can be adjusted to perform the much harder and deeper tills.

All these field cultivator parts work in synchrony to make sure the field cultivator you own gives you a smile each time you go out tilling. But they won’t work well if not taken care of. First is to makes all the parts you buy for your cultivator fit into each other for proper functioning. A compromise on one aspect leads to a mal function of the entire system.

The field cultivator parts also need to be genuine and come from one of the top manufacturers we have in the market. Carbon steel is the commonly used material for manufacturing these parts; make sure your supplies don’t fall short of this kind of metal. And finally you have to keep a good watch of all the parts if they are to last longer and always do an efficient job.


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