Field Cultivator Shovels Options Available

Buying field cultivator shovels can be a walk in the park or a mind-scratching activity if you are completely clueless on how to do it. Especially when you walk into a tillage-tools store and you are hit with a number of field cultivator shovels varying in size, model and manufacturers.

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But getting the best kind of field cultivator shovels for the first timer can be made easy if it is done through the following guidelines. One you need to get your shovels from a valid and trusted manufacturer of tillage tools. Some notable manufacturers of field cultivator shovels are Weise, Nichols and Earthmetals. If you have no idea of the quality of other manufacturers you can trust these three to give you shovels worth the money you spend.

Once you get the brand right a second consideration is the compatibility of the field shovels with your cultivator parts. The right field cultivator shovels will fit perfectly with the sweeps, shield and cultivators and work together in harmony. Be on the safe side and get the specs and dimensions of your cultivator so you can buy its matching shovels without breaking a sweat.

Price is one factor that can never be left in the dark whenever purchase matters are discussed. Everybody wants good quality field cultivator shovels that are high quality and still pocket friendly. The common market trend is the shovel price increases as you move up in size and make. Be clear with the size of shovels you need in your farm; whether the 6 inch, 10 inch or the 20 inch field cultivator shovels. It all matters with the kind of depth required in tillage as well as the objective of the tillage.

The price issue settled we now need to know the type of field cultivator shovels we need to work our seed beds with. A quick clue you can consider; the market has the chisel plow shovels that are used for light duty or primary tillage. You can use these were heavy tillage is not required. On the other hand, if heavy tillage is what you have in mind, the deep-till shovels is what you should go for.

Now we have all this in mind maybe you can add this one more aspect on your checklist: ease of replacement of the shovels. It is common knowledge that you’re your shovels will wear out within time. It is best to go for field cultivator shovels that are easily fixed and replaced when worn out. A new idea in the market is hard-surfacing of the shovels to use them more.

Well this idea has not been fully utilized or tried though hard-surfacing is possible with other tools. If you want to go for this option, it’s best you get the proper information whether it is possible with field cultivator shovels. But in the meantime, sticking to the replacing option isn’t a bad idea.

Now you have an idea of what to consider when you go hunting for field cultivator shovels. All the aspects discussed can help in getting quality shovels and prevent you from been duped. Whichever shovel you buy, make sure it is made of high-end carbon steel and it is treated with high heat. That is a true sign of durability.


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