Field Cultivator Sweeps Types

Field cultivator sweeps are applicable in dry-land farming areas especially those of the North American prairies and parts of the Australian continent. They are made from high grade carbon steel that is highly heat treated to make it tough enough to plow through rock hard soil.

field cultivator

The field cultivator sweeps are the ideal tillage tools used in breaking the hardpan in soil to make soil smoother for planting. The sweeps are normally attached to field cultivators when leveling and smoothening seed beds. They dig deeper into the hard soil while the cultivators turn the soil constantly to smoothen it and hence kill weeds. The field cultivator sweeps are available in the market in different sizes measured in inches. The right sized sweeps one is going to buy depends on the kind of tillage they are handling.

The common kinds of field cultivator sweeps the market offer range from the 6” one all the way to the 24” sweeps. The 6” sweeps are perhaps the smallest of all; they are common with row crop cultivators. These kinds of sweeps are also applicable in AC field cultivation. They have two bolt holes in them that are 2” apart and are about 7/16 inches wide and 14’ thick. The 7’’ field cultivator sweeps are much like the 6’ ones only they are slightly bigger. They are applied in AC and row crop cultivation as well.

The next category of field cultivator sweeps are the 2” inch spaced sweeps that comprise of the 8”, 10” and the 12”. They differ from the former in their double spacing and are used where the crop spacing required is approximately 2” wide. These field cultivator sweeps are only used in Row Crop cultivation. The 20” and 24” also come with a 2” spacing between the bolt holes. Also applied in row crop cultivation, they can be used for deeper soil breaking when making the seed beds.

Besides categorizing using the sweep size, the market also has field cultivator sweeps depending on the kind of crop that is grown. A good example is the Cotton Sweeps also known as the Joyce patterns. They are specially designed to be used to grow cotton in the western markets. They are designed with thick heavy wings and medium sized crowns. Their necks are characteristically flat compared to other sweeps.

The chisel plow sweeps are next in line with a different shaped neck. These field cultivator sweeps have a wrap around neck and medium high crowns. They also come with heavy wings and are generally thick in appearance. This thickness and strength help them in digging through grain fields.

A third king are the Universal field cultivator sweeps. These are applicable anywhere so long as it is the row crop planting. They are also thick in form with heavy wings a standard crown and flat neck. A newer kind of field cultivator sweeps are the Danish ‘S’ Tine sweeps. They boast of hard carbon steel highly heat treated to make it long lasting and to dig through hard soil without a fuss.


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